When you order a new cloud website hosting account, it needs some time for the transaction to be processed, your account to be created and then activated. As advanced as the procedure can be, a human factor is always involved - your financial transaction may be inspected manually or the account might require some technological time to be created by a man or a woman. This is often the case with resellers and it's not uncommon to wait long hours, sometimes even for a few days. Instead of dealing with your web sites, you waste time waiting for someone to process your order. Sometimes, businesses even wait for a bunch of orders to stack up inside their system queue before they process them in mass, while you are able to do nothing else but wait for them.
Instant Account Activation in Cloud Website Hosting
All of our cloud website hosting accounts are created and activated immediately after a new transaction is submitted, so you will not need to wait around for long hours to start working on your web site or upload its files if it's already designed on your PC. In case you select any of the free script-driven apps that we offer to be installed throughout the account creation, you will be able to access both the hosting CP and the script administration area in minutes after your order. You'll receive the login information for both back offices straight away even when you acquire a shared hosting account during a weekend or a holiday. We realize that sometimes a new account is required right away, so we guarantee that you won't ever have to wait and that your new account is going to be activated right away.
Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Servers
Using a semi-dedicated server plan obtained from our company, you won't need to wait or worry when your new account will be created and activated since this happens instantly. You’ll be able to start developing your web site or upload its data files if you already have them on your PC just a couple of moments after you place your transaction. Even if you select some script app to be set up during the account creation, you'll not have to wait more time and you can start managing your account right away. Our system is going to send you the account and the script login details the moment you submit your transaction, and since we're available 24/7, all of the accounts are set up immediately regardless of when they are bought, even during official holidays. You can forget about waiting around for hours or days to be able to begin building your Internet presence.